Ponce Hormazábal Ingrid


Our research group focuses on exploiting, exploring and understanding of structure-function relationships in single molecule junctions of different kinds of functional redox molecules. This is done with new and exciting electronic behavior through break-junction experimental techniques, such as scanning tunneling microscope break-Junction technique (STM-BJ) and conventional electrochemical techniques. Functional redox molecules are promising candidates for their application as active components in electronic devices, since by means of molecular design and chemical synthesis it is possible to tune and switch the electrical properties, and to explore new electrical phenomena.

Línea(s) de investigación: 
Electronica Molecular/Molecular Electronics: Tuning of electron transport properties by molecular design and chemical synthesis of functional molecules. Study of electron transport in single molecular junctions by scanning tunneling microscope based Break
Grados académicos /educación: 
Química Universidad de Santiago de Chile 2009. Licenciada en Química Universidad de Santiago de Chile 2009.
Doctor en Química USACH 2013.