Echeverría Morgado Javier Felipe

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Our research is focused on bioactive natural products. Our main current interests are:

  • Archaeological Chemistry (application of mass spectrometry to study human prehistory)
  • Ethnopharmacology (study of ethnic groups and their use of natural resources as food and/or drugs)
  • Medicinal Chemistry (design, development, and synthesis of novel bioactive natural product-based compounds).
  • Chemoinformatic (computer-aided drug design of bioactive natural products)
Línea de investigación: 
Archaeological Chemistry, Ethnopharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemoinformatic
Grados académicos /educación: 
Postdoctorado, Universidad de Chile (2012-2016),
Doctor de Química, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2012),
Licenciado en Química, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2006),
Químico, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2006)