Eduardo Pino López

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The reactivity of phenolic compounds towards free radicals is a matter of current interest that mainly arises from their potential use as antioxidants. In this way, we development methodologies with different probes to monitored the reactivity to free radical in homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. 
Understanding the reactions and sinks of particle-bound genotoxic and mutagenic substituent PAHs is essential to assess the associated environmental exposure and risks. Therefore, the photochemical and photophysical properties of organic pollutant (nitroarenes, hydroxy-PHAs, dyes) in different environments give us information about the reaction path of these contaminants.
The study of the photophysical and photochemical parameters of the organic molecule using steady state and time resolve of absorption and emission spectroscopies to monitored the intermediate or transient species generated during the irradiation give us critical information of the process involved in homogeneous and heterogeneous system. Also, we use a spectrometric techniques in solid phase to Fluorescence (front phase) and Diffuse Reflectance using probe or integration sphere   Also, I am working in treatment of wastewater, where my research involved the degradation of potential carcinogenic and mutagenic organic compound, such as chlorophenols and dyes, using Photocatalysis heterogeneous process which is an Advanced Oxidation process (AOPs). My line research contemplate the use of well known semiconductors (ZnO and TiO2), and the use of modify semiconductor with dopants agents,nanosize scale, and hybrid materials with gold nanoparticles; with the purpose of extend the irradiation range of semiconductor (visible range of spectralSun). A relevant point is the evaluation of distribution of products (HPLC), evaluation of adsorption isotherms between the catalytic material and the compound of interest, and the kinetics parameters involved in the degradation process.
Línea de investigación: 
Cinética, Fotoquímica, Fotocatálisis Heterogénea
Grados académicos /educación: 
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, Puerto Rico, USA, 2005-2009.Doctor en Química
Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 2000 Químico, Universidad de Santiago de Chile
1999 Licenciado en Química, Universidad de Santiago de Chile